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Twitter Campaign

Stand against the #AmharaGenocide by tweeting the links below

1. Yesterday, #OLF terrorists killed 186 civilians of ethnic #Amhara origin in #Wollega. This number includes 72 young children.
It is no longer safe to be Amhara in #Ethiopia. Will you speak up & help us #StopAmharaGenocide?

2. ⚠️Take part in the Twitter campaign today by using "#StopAmharaGenocide". It has already started!
Stand up for the innocent Amhara victims by raising awareness. Make your way through the tweets uploaded on ➡️

3. There is an ongoing #AmharaGenocide. We can't ignore it anymore.
If you truly care for #Ethiopia, speak up for your brothers and sisters. Use the hashtag: #StopAmharaGenocide and tag your locals!

4. We cannot stay quiet when tens of thousands of #Amhara|s are being killed across #Ethiopia in this #AmharaGenocide. Stand up for your brothers and sisters and fight to #StopAmharaGenocide in Oromia and Metekel.

5. 🩸The world has already forgotten about the 1,600+ ethnic #Amhara|s killed in the #MaikadraMassacre. But we have not and continue to fight against the #AmharaGenocide. Will you join our fight for the people?

6. ⚠️March 31:
186 civilians of ethnic #Amhara origin were massacred in Wollega, Oromia. 72 were children.
This is an ongoing #AmharaGenocide. We can’t ignore it anymore. When will the gov’t take action? Save our people!
@AbiyAhmedAli @MoP_Ethiopia

7. We need you to report what is happening to innocent Amharas in Wollega and Metekel. This is #AmharaGenocide. Give us a voice @RT_com @cgtnafrica @anadoluagency

8. If you're in #Seattle, I hope I'll see you at the protest to #StopAmharaGenocide! 
We'll be at Westlake Park, April 10th @ 11am.

9. Just days after @AJStream & @FemiOke gave terrorist OLF commander Jaal "Bin Laden" Marroo a platform, 186 innocent Amharas were killed in Wollega, western Oromia. This is an #AmharaGenocide.
You should be ashamed. #StopAmharaGenocide

10. 3 attacks in just 1 week. When will #Ethiopia speak up for the innocent Amhara victims of this #AmharaGenocide?

11. OLA/OLF terrorists are training thousands of killers to carry out the ongoing #AmharaGenocide and completely cleanse Amharas out of Oromia. We have to #StopAmharaGenocide before they kill even more.

12. This little girl now has to raise her younger sibling as both of her parents were killed by the OLA in the #AmharaGenocide 😪. Will you be her voice? @tariqahmadbt @tariqnasheed

13. ⚠️As if killing our people wasn't enough, OLA terrorists & their supporters are now burning emergency food stores for those displaced by the violence. 
Speak up for us @RT_com @cgtnafrica @anadoluagency #StopAmharaGenocide

14. The Oromia Regional State President @ShimelisAbdisa is yet to comment while thousands are massacred by the OLA in his region due to their ethnicity.
We need everyone to call on him to condemn these attacks! #StopAmharaGenocide

15. Well @PMEthiopia @AbiyAhmedAli finally released a statement on #AmharaGenocide but failed to mention that the victims were targeted just for being Amhara.
Please acknowledge the ethnic-based targeting of victims & release the statement in English! #StopAmharaGenocide.

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