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November 5th: #WolloMassacre 

📢There is large scale displacement from and around Dessie and Kombolcha, reported by @OCHA_Ethiopia due to Tigrayan aggression into the Amhara region.

⚠️Who will hear the Amhara people? They URGENTLY need: food, emergency shelter, drinking water, medicines and access to healthcare, as reported by @OCHA_Ethiopia

📢The onslaught by Tigrayan Rebels in Dessie and Kombolcha has created a massive security issue for the already scare number of humanitarian organizations working in the Amhara region. #Amhara people need AID NOW!

📢Dessie is under siege. Electricity and telecommunications were reportedly cut in #Dessie and #Kombolcha since 30 October. The lives of IDPs and locals are in danger. Do not turn a blind eye to TPLF's savagery.

📢The #TPLFRebels have shelled the city in Dessie, Wollo targeting Dessie Hospital, power lines to the city, hotels, and other infrastructure. #TPLFisATerroristGroup. #AttrocitiesByTPLF need to be stopped.

📢TPLF Rebels have kidnapped hundreds of young Amharas, likely to use them as human shield for the continues war against the people of Ethiopia. #TPLFisATerroristGroup

📢The #TPLFRebel groups shelled two Mosques in Hayiq located in Amhara Region, killing the sheltered civilians inside. All government institutions in the city are rendered obsolete. WFP is sponsoring terrorists.

🚨The #TPLFRebel group and the #OLA (notorious for killing Amhara women and children in Welega) have made a pact in Kombolcha.

The OLA and TPLF are likely to commit further ethnic cleansing in Kombolcha

🚨Reports are coming out that Tigray residents in Dessie carried out mass killings of #Amhara youth, who were helping #ENDF, as soon as TPLF entered #Dessie.


The victims are estimated to be in the hundreds.

🚨As the invading militia takes control of Dessie, more than 400k #AmharaIDPs who survived the murderous invasion of the #TigrayRebels are at risk of being attacked by the invading militia. 
#WolloMassacre #Amharagenocide

🚨100s of young Amhara men in #Dessie were executed by #TPLFTerroristGroup as they fight to capture the city. #WolloMassacre #AmharaGenocide

🚨According to reports coming out of Dessie and Kombolch, Tigrayan residents helped the #TPLF militia in slaughtering #Amharas in door-to-door killing. #WolloMassacre #AmharaGenocide

🚨The industrial capital of Amhara region #Kombolcha has been looted dry. The #TPLFRebels loaded with heavy machineries stolen from factories. #AmharaUnderAttack

🚨TPLF killed two #Amhara men with mental disabilities in Dessie and left their bodies in the streets for residents to see. 

#WolloMassacre #AmharaGenocide 

🚨8 #Amhara women were kidnapped by #TPLFTerroristGroup in #AdiArkay. The militia retaliated for allegedly helping the ENDF. #AmharaUnderAttack

🚨As per the latest report 280 Amharas were executed in #Kombolcha city by TPLF rebels. #KombolchaMassacre #AmharaGenocide

November 3rd: #WolloMassacre 

📢Amhara people of Ethiopia need your attention


In the dark & amidst a telecommunications blackout, ethnic #Amhara residents are being executed by the #TigrayRebels in Dessie & Kombolcha. Another #MaikadraMassacre is being repeated in the #WolloMassacre!

⚠️Human rights abuses committed against the Amhara people!

After days of terrorizing Amhara residents, #TigrayRebels entered towns & executed hundreds of youth. They shot him & left him to die on the roadside @Telegraph @AJStream will you cover this?

🚨The #TigrayRebels have attacked Dessie & Kombolcha, 2 cities filled with half a million IDPs who escaped the TPLF invasion in Northern Amhara. Meanwhile its more of the usual silence from the international community.


Where is the int'l community now?

🚨Let the world know #Amhara people never wanted nor prepared for war, unlike Tigrayan rebels. #Amhara people did not burry weapons in the ground, unlike Tigrayan rebels. Dessie locals only have their bodies @cnn @msnbc @statedept @potus @un @hrw

🚨Kombolcha residents have been terrorized by #TigrayRebels throughout the night. "I heard an air strike past midnight outside Kombolcha" - Mohammed (local resident)


@amnesty Will you cover the #WolloMassacre the way you covered Axum? Silence is violence

🚨Thamdiu, a Kombolcha resident & local shopkeeper, reported hearing clashes near the city. "Huge gunshots were heard until [this] morning." Why is the world silent while Kombolcha is under siege & being attacked by #TigrayRebels #WolloMassacre

Our families are living in fear as #TigrayRebels invade Dessie & Kombolcha, destroying, loot & raping.


Food supplies are depleted and locals & IDPs suffering from hunger.


❓@POTUS are you paying attention?


❓Where are the "rigorous independent" medias to investigate?

Local residents in Dessie & Kombolcha are under seige. In the dark, the local residents are being executed, raped & tortured. The #TigrayRebels shot this civilian & left him to die.


🚨#WolloMassacre needs coverage NOW!

@AlanRMacLeod @MintPressNews

🚨 Amhara women & children are suffering the most in the recent invasion by #TigrayRebels. @JemalCountess captures the most brutal impacts of the war on Amharas through his photography. @specialreports @franblandy

🚨 It is clear that @POTUS does not care about Amhara civilians currently under seige in Dessie & Kombolcha. Do their lives not require a response from international community? Media coverage? @MaggieFick @malonebarry This is the reality:

🚨 Will the media cover the death of Amharas at the hands of #TigrayRebels? Over 500,000 IDPs + even more locals under siege in Dessie & Kombolcha. @WJames_Reuters @Ed_Reuters HR violations in Kombolcha yesterday:

🚨 The gov't of Ethiopia is preventing Amharas from defending themselves from invaders. Millions of lives are at risk. An entire ethnicity at risk of being erased. Enough of the sabotage. The enemy will be at your door too soon. #WolloMassacre @AbiyAhmedAli @BilleneSeyoum

Locals in Dessie faced constant shelling for days by #TigrayRebels. Now, they are looting hospitals, killing men & raping women. HR violations are getting worse in Amhara but @amnesty + @hrw + @genocide_watch ignore this:

The Amhara people never asked for this war. Unlike the #TigrayRebels & TPLF, who work day & night to destroy Ethiopia. Amharas did not bury weapons in the ground. Amharas did not set up terror cells across the country. @SusanNjanji @jennyvaughan

Ask international community (@POTUS, @PowerUSAID) why the carnage unleashed on Amharas did not garner a response? Do these public figures support the TPLF's terror targeting Amhara civilians? @SusanNjanji @nickeperry

Residents & IDPs in Dessie & Kombolcha are running out of food, medicine & other necessities. Looted & blockaded by #TigrayRebels. This is a SEVERE HUMANITARIAN EMERGENCY!!! IDPs & host communities are in serious danger. @UNICEF @WFP @UKAidDirect @SarahChampionMP

Tigrayan Rebels killed 150 youth in Kombolcha and 100 in Dessie. They are targeting ethnic Amharas & Eritreans refugees. Can you speak up for us? Condemn these atrocities against IDPs & host communities. @SarahChampionMP @TomTugendhat

Pregnant women displaced from Habru, Amhara region sheltering in Yegoff Primary School in Kombolcha. Earlier this week, the #TigrayRebels took control of Dessie & Kombolcha. They have killed hundreds already. Pray for her. @SJEastAfrica @MaggieFick

No expecting mother should go through pregnancy while worrying about murder or rape by #TigrayRebels. As she shelters with other mothers in a primary school in Kombolcha, the rebels have looted all medical supplies.

Aggression by #TigrayRebels against Amharas, including invasion of home region & major cities, is not reported. Generational trauma to civilians displaced by this war. Here is a young man who survived a botched execution but was left to die:

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