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September 19th: #AtrocitiesByTPLF #AidforAmharaIDPs

🚨In a little over TWO days 120 civilians have been killed by rebellious Tigray forces in a village six miles from the town of Dabat. These are #AtrocitiesbyTPLF that’s causing many innocent #Amhara people to flee from their homes. @StateDept @hrw @hrf

🚨In the latest reports there have been discoveries of mass graves with #Amhara bodies being found in them. All killed at the hands of #TPLF

@StateDept @hrw @hrf @amnesty @AmnestyEARO 

🚨Looting house, killing mothers and children in Chena are a few of the #AtrocotiesbyTPLF This terrorist group knows no mercy and will kill any person who identifies as #Amhara  @hrf @amnesty @AmnestyEARO #AidforAmharaIDPs

🚨#TPLFisaTerroristGroup have committed atrocities in Dabat Woreda in Northern Amhara region, killing civilians, the town is now crowded with funerals #AtrocitiesByTPLF @StateDept @hrw @hrf @amnesty @AmnestyEARO #AidforAmharaIDPs

🚨As if #TPLF destroying cities and killing innocent people was not enough they are holding #Amhara civilians hostage and giving them "assurance" that no hard will come to them as long as they supply them with food. #TPLFIsATerroristGroup @StateDept @hrw @hrf @amnesty @AmnestyEARO #AidforAmharaIDPs

🚨The #Amhara people are suffering and being robbed of their livelihood, we need more coverage and #AidforAmharaIDPs @amnesty @AmnestyEARO 

🚨The #Amhara people are receiving no protection from the Ethiopian Gov. & had to organize within themselves to fight against the #AtrocitiesbyTPLF Amharas have volunteered to undergo military training to protect their families. @StateDept @hrw @hrf 

September 10th: #AtrocitiesByTPLF #AidforAmharaIDPs

🚨#TPLFisaTerroristGroup have committed atrocities in Dabat Woreda in Northern Amhara region, killing civilians, the town is now crowded with funerals #AtrocitiesByTPLF @StateDept @hrw @hrf @amnesty @AmnestyEARO #AidforAmharaIDPs

🚨 Debre Tabor University published a report accounting for damages by #TPLF in South Gondar. 28 Civilians killed so far, 72.2 million Birr in damages to private property, and 113 institutions have been destroyed including hospitals and schools. #AtrocitiesByTPLF @UN_HRC 

🚨 #TPLFTerroristGroup invasion of the #AmharaRegion has seen 600,000+ Amharas displaced from their homes. This has created a strain on the regional government in supporting the people, aid is desperately required #AIDforAmharaIDPs @USAID @UNICEF @UNICEFEthiopia

🚨 The retreating #TPLFTerroristGroup has massacred more than 120 civilians in #Chenna Northern #AmharaRegion. Victims of the massacre include women, children and the elderly, no one was spared #ChenaMassacre #AtrocitiesByTPLF @UN_HRC @Undppa

🚨 Hundreds of thousands of Afar civilians have been displaced due to attacks by #TigrayRebels as they invaded the region and committed what amount to war crimes such as attacking the Galicoma healthcare center. Please donate and share for Afar IDPs.

🚨 People in Afar & Amhara, #Ethiopia are facing major humanitarian crises as #TigrayRebels looted food supplies & health facilities for displaced peoples. This is a deliberate attempt to starve and kill Afar and Amhara people. @ICC @UNHumanRights


This is a war crime.

Almost 1 million #Amharas have been displaced due to #AtrocitiesByTPLF. 

🚨IDPs in Dessie are dire need of humanitarian assistance. #AidforAmharaIDPs

🛑#TigrayRebels must stop #PillagingAmharaRegion immediately.

@hrw @HRF @UN_HRC @UNOCHA @UNICEFEthiopia 

🚨 Witnesses confirmed with @AP that #TPLFTerroristGroup were striking civilians, religious sites with artillery resulting in the deaths of 100s of civilians, destruction of schools & health centres, resulting in thousands of Amharas to flee their homes. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @UNHumanRights

#TPLFTerroristGroup are mercilessly killing civilians, Zewditu Tikuye who fled Kobo said her 57 y/o husband was killed as he tried to stay behind & protect their home & cattle. “He wasn’t armed,” now a widow she shelters with her 6 children & 10 others. #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @hrw 

IDP Mulu Adugna at the Debark IDP camp says he fled his home town of Addi Arkay with his brother and friends after he saw five members of his neighbor's family killed by artillery rounds launched by TPLF #AtrocitiesbyTPLF @hrw @hrf @amnesty

#AmharaRegion is flooded with IDPs, displaced from their homes by TPLF. Debark which hosts only a fraction of the 600k+ Amhara civilians who have been internally displaced, they have not received adequate help #AIDforAmharaIDPs is desperately needed. @USAID @UNICEFEthiopia

⏰ U.S. told #UNSC '#Tigray forces [killed] an NGO worker around 15 August at a warehouse they looted in Nefas Meewcha'.

#TigrayRebels|#TPLF are targeting aid-workers in Amhara region.

#AtrocitiesByTPLF #PillagingAmharaRegion @USAIDEthiopia @UNOCHA

Historic Checheho Medhanealem Church in #Amhara region of #Ethiopia heavily damaged after being shelled by #TigrayRebels|#TPLF. 

Targeting places of worship is a war crime. #AtrocitiesByTPLF @camanpour @CTmagazine @Christianitymag @ICC @usembthehague

This is what #TigrayRebels|#TPLF did to Checheho Medhanealem Church in the #Amhara region of #Ethiopia, imagine the #AtrocitiesByTPLF at @UNESCO heritage site Lalibela. 

#PillagingAmharaRegion's historic churches is a war crime. @ICC @usembthehague

Int'l media & journalists like @MarksSimon and @declanwalsh are claiming that covering the #AtrocitiesByTPLF is hard because of security concerns but literally traveled to the battlefield to cover war in #Tigray

The media has placed a value on human life. #PillagingAmharaRegion

🚨Inhumane #AtrocitiesByTPLF on the #Amhara people are going untold.

⚠️Journalists like @MarksSimon @declanwalsh who rigorously covered the war in #Tigray are not covering the war in #Amhara region.

❗️Media is deliberately ignoring the death & suffering of Amhara people.

🚨Ethiopian gov't is neglecting the #Amhara people in Northern, Ethiopia who are walking miles over the bodies of their loved ones to shelter in Dessie.

Currently, #Amhara & #Afar people are paying the biggest in the war in #Ethiopia. #AtrocitiesByTPLF

Invading #TigrayRebels are destroying electric towers in Gayint, Amhara. #AtrocitiesByTPLF are a deliberate attempt to disconnect the Amhara people from resources & destroy infrastructure. Stop neglecting #Amhara people in #Ethiopia. @hrw @UNHumanRights

🗣️#TigrayRebels have intentionally burned homes and farming communities where there was no active warfare, killed cattle, and looted health facilities.


#TigrayRebels are destroying entire Amhara communities. #AtrocitiesByTPLF

@FemiOke @AJStream

Farming activities disrupted in areas invaded by #TPLFinvasion in the #Amhara region. Entire villages burned to the ground by #TigrayRebels, as reported by the Telegraph.

🚨@FemiOke, please amplify the crisis Amhara people of #Ethiopia are facing.

The #TigrayRebels spokesperson Getachew Reda publicly declared that he had a score to settle with #Amharas & then shortly after #TPLF began to loot hospitals & medical facilities across the #Amhara region #AtrocitiesByTPLF 
@SecBlinken @PowerUSAID

Rebel group, #TPLF is destroying medical facilities across the Amhara region, over the last few days #TigrayRebels have looted Nefas Mewcha Hospital in a deliberate attempt to punish poor Amhara people. @chikaoduah Please help us amplify this crisis

Invading #TigrayRebels have caused a humanitarian crisis in the #Amhara and #Afar regions, leaving mothers and children hopeless. 💔


They are continually threatened by #TigrayRebels advances, on top of their food & shelter needs. @UN_HRC @UN_HRC @rquester @rcoreyb @USAID

Debre Tabor Hospital was shelled heavily by #TigrayRebels. Adjacent farms were also attacked indiscriminately in order to inflict as much damage as possible on #Amhara people and infrastructure @mikiebarb @UNHumanRights @JamalMOsman #AtrocitiesByTPLF #PillagingAmharaRegion

Human Rights organizations were releasing statements about the impacts of war in Tigray but have yet to release any statement now that the war is in the Amhara and Afar regions.


🚨Oppose war everywhere, not just Tigray.🚨


@hrw @hrf @amnesty @AmnestyEARO Your silence is loud.

Right now, #TigrayRebels are terrorizing #Amhara farmers by killing cattle, burning their homes and farms.

@FemiOke, please amplify the war crimes #TigrayRebels are inflicting on innocent #Amhara farmers and their families #AtrocitiesByTPLF

⚠️There are over 41,000 IDPs in Debark #Amhara that need of life-saving assistance.

#AtrocitiesByTPLF has lead to the displacement of young Amhara children who should be in school.

The # of IDPs in Amhara region is growing with each passing day.

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