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Press Releases

Here are all of our official press statements on the situation in Ethiopia.

Siege of Amhara Cities and Towns

The International Amhara Alliance (IAA) is gravely concerned about the safety and health of Amhara people in Dessie, Kombolcha, Wag Hemra and other areas within the Northeastern Amhara region who are living under siege by Tigrayan rebels. . 

UN Official on Tigrai Media House

The International Amhara Alliance (IAA) is appalled by the unprofessional communication between high ranking Human Rights officials from the United Nations and terrorist organization Tigray People’s Liberation Front

Genocide Watch

The International Amhara Alliance (IAA) strongly condemns Genocide Watch's failure to report on the Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide perpetrated on ethnic Amhara civilians across Ethiopia. 

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