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An Easy Guide to Becoming More Involved in the Amhara Resistance

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

You are a proud Ethiopian living outside of the motherland. You are Amhara but you were raised to be “Ethiopian First” rather than “Amhara First”. You are heartbroken by the documented atrocities, killings and displacements of the Amhara people. You feel enraged by the lack of media coverage and action taken by the outside world. You want to become more involved in the Amhara cause but you either don’t know how or afraid to do so. We’re here to help!

The International Amhara Alliance has crafted an easy guide to help the diaspora to become more involved in the Amhara cause while allowing those who wish too, preserve their anonymity.

Ask yourself everyday: What can I do for the Amhara people today?

By: Mesfin Gezahegne

For Those Who Wish for an Active and Public Role:

  • Visit our site, where you will find “daily tweets”. From there, post the captions and hashtags of your choice using your Twitter Account. Taking 5 minutes each day to tweet the pre-written content will go a long way in bringing attention to the suffering of Amhara people.

  • Get involved in the amazing advocacy work the Amhara Association of America is doing by visiting their website here. There are many roles in front of and behind the scenes so enter a brief message of how you would like to be involved in the cause. Be sure to mention your strengths, connections on the ground, and other relevant details as AAA’s PR Team will match you with the correct group and/or project

  • For those interested in working across the board, fill out this form so that we, at International Amhara Alliance (IAA) can better assess where you will best fit in our team.

  • Follow Amora Ethiopia’s social media accounts here on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about current and past topics/history. Be sure to retweet, like, and share posts to show support. We also encourage you to follow similar Amhara-centred pages as well.

For Those Who Wish to Contribute Anonymously:

  • Simply send us links of videos and writing evidence of the ongoing genocide and hate speech using our website here. Scroll to the very button of the homepage to paste and submit the links.

  • Join the Amhara Reddit here to speak your mind and engage in discussion while staying anonymous and keeping your identity protected.

  • Join relevant Clubhouse and or Discord Rooms and discuss related issues while using a non-real name to protect your identity.

  • Donate to the Amhara Emergency Fund here to support over a million displaced Amharas who are in urgent need of food and shelter.

  • Donate to the Amhara Association of America here in the incredible advocacy work they’re doing.

  • If you’re American Donate to the Amhara Political Action Committee here. This committee is focused on making sure key foreign policies by the United Staes does not marginalize recruiting Pro-Amhara Candidates and assisting in fundraising for campaigns across the US including House, Senatorial candidates, and Presidential candidates.

  • Get involved with the Amhara Youth Association. Their website has a great deal of information on ways you can support and be part of the community they have created.

For Those Who Wish to Learn:

  • The situation in Ethiopia has been grossly misrepresented by media outlets, politicians, and activists including intentional misinformation, deception, and flat-out lies perpetrated by these sources. The International Amhara Alliance, a youth-based organization aims to serve as a digital information hub. We are a facts-first organization who pledges to amplify and archive information across networks.​

  • Please visit our Alliance Members page to learn more about the advocacy work Amhara organizations are doing through various platforms.

We would like to acknowledge Sosina Tilahun for her contributions to this blog.

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