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3.7+ million Amharas are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance

United Nations World Food Program, November 2021

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The Amhara Emergency Fund is collecting donations to help alleviate the humanitarian burden Amhara people in Ethiopia are facing. There are currently over 1 million displaced Amharas in need of life-saving aid.

Please donate and share. 

For several decades, there has been a concerted effort to demonize, vilify and weaken the Amhara ethnic group of Ethiopia.
This has led to widespread massacres, torture, imprisonment & oppression of innocent Amhara civilians. This happens in every corner of the country.

But now, the targeted violence is escalating at an alarming rate. Innocent people are dying weekly.

Click here to find out how you can help amplify the Amhara people's struggle for basic dignity.

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 Our revolution is not  a public-speaking tournament.
 Our revolution is not  a battle of fine phrases.
 Our revolution is not  simply for spouting slogans that

are no more than signals used by manipulators trying to use them as catchwords, as codewords, as a foil for their own display. 
 Our revolution is,  and should continue to be, the collective effort of revolutionaries to transform reality, to improve the concrete situation of the masses of our country.”

Thomas Sankara
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Submit Evidence

We are compiling evidence of the ongoing genocide and proponents of hate speech.

Please submit  links to evidence  (e.g. social media) below or use our email to  submit files  (e.g. pics, vids).

Thanks for submitting!

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